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Roll up, roll up!

Roll up, roll up!

Tooth and Claw || The Bells of Saint John

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Oh my god you guys.

I use the following gif very sparingly in order that it might retain its meaning:


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screencap meme: doctor who + bruised & battered asked by brucewaynd

screencap meme: doctor who + bruised & battered asked by brucewaynd

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You know what I really want? I want an obscure Doctor Who shirt that only fans will understand.



That way when we pass each other at the store we can be like




I look at you every single day and don’t understand a thing about you.

#you don’t understand #this is what makes clara and eleven’s relationship so great and unique #because they’re both mysteries #and whenever a companion meets the doctor #he usually knows everything about them #and the doctor is the mysterious one #and they don’t know who he is #or where he’s really from #or why he’s really there #but this is different #because clara is a mystery too #someone he doesn’t understand#and someone he needs to work out #and she’s trying to work him out too #they both know nothing about eachother #and this companion/doctor relationship is so unusual #and since this season and the 50th is about the doctor’s name #and who he actually is #i’m so excited to see how their relationship develops (via waiting-for-the-tardis)

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Ten + Rose

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Whatever happens, at least we’re together

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I am the Doctor and I am afraid.
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It’s okay Rose, have a moment. We all need a moment sometimes when we think about Ten’s hair. 

#those middle two gifs are like porn

We all are just like Rose…



#and so the whole show was summed up in a gif.and it was good.